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Hi there,

    this is Magian.

(Game Maker lvl 1)


        I started designing games when I was in high school. At the beginnning, I didn't know what game design means. I simply came up with ideas and throw them in something I would call "my game". When my friends played my game and talked to me about they love  the game and give me all different kinds of feedbacks, I realized something fascinating.

        In college and graduate school, I kept searching for the ultimate definition of "fun", and thinking of the reason why it attracts people and keeps them in like a black whole. After my experience in multiple projects, now I think the meaning of "fun" is to create unique thinking process, achievement moments, skill challenges and emotional connections for players. I enjoy seeing players think, aim, learn, improve and achieve in the experience I create.

        Currently, I'm working at Diandian Interactive as a fulltime Game Designer and Producer. Our latest game Livetopia has just reached 1 billion visits on Roblox. I'm glad that my current work includes challenge in both design and leadership perspective. Meanwhile, I look forward to new opportunities that have new challenge, new environment and more advanced improvements.

 100% predictable is BORING;
 100% unknown is FRIGHTENING;
 50 % + 50%  could be FUN.



                     Interested in learning more about my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Reach out today.                                                                                                                                                 ↓↓↓

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