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School Projects in ETC

Mind Game

Mind Game is a PC platform web-based game. In this game, players will need to solve computer security problems to hack their way out to the REALITY.

mind game cover


Enigma is a Tabletop Role Playing Experience. Players play as women code breakers in the Bletchly Park during WWII, to experience their puzzles and stories.

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Mabel is an AR experience developed on MS Hololens. It is a story of little deer Mabel that needs player's help to find her way out in the castle.



Hamstar is a VR game, in which the player will turn into a hamster, then explore and travel in the human's world from its very special point of view.



Re-Present is a VR experience as training tool for college students. In re-present, players give speech in front of virtual audience and practice their public speaking skills.


Zhan Guo

Zhan Guo is a board game about the warring states of China. It's a card-based strategy game where all players fight against each other with their own secret identity.

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