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Project Info

Aesthetic: Turn-based RPG; Chinese fantasy

Platform: PC

Game Development Engine: RPG Maker XP

Project Length: ~5 years (part-time)

Team Size: 4

My Role: Game Designer, Programmer, Artist, Writer


  • Designing and implementing combat system, 300+ items and 100+ game scenes.

  • Designing 6 different characters with unique skills and combat mechanics.

  • Collaborating with one teammate to write the whole story with ~10,000 lines, refining and implementing dialogues in game

  • Arranging playtest sessions, with bug reports and hotfixes.

  • Working on improving art assets including scenes, characters, items, maps, animations.

  • Managing outsource art, sound and voice recording.

More Details

        Expedition is a traditional 2.5D turn-based RPG. It has a beautiful story which happens in a fantasy world in ancient China. As many Chinese gamers would assume, this story is about sword, magic, emprise and love. In this game, the player will play as a young swordsman, watch him meet his destiny, see him grow up, struggle, while revealing an astonishing conspiracy...

        Watch the trailer video of Expedition: 

The initializer

        Expedition is the first video game I made. It is also the longest project in terms of time. From 2010 to 2016, My teammate who's also my best friend, Tiezheng, and I spent most of our spare time on this game, and we ended up having it with more than 20 hours play time.

        It was a long, yet very enjoyable journey.

        I remembered we started thinking of making a game after we were pre-admitted to our universities: at that time, we had just finished a card game as a graduation souvenir. But this time we want to make something really big. Since both of us are big fan of Chinese RPGs, we decided to make a game like that.

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