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Project Info

Aesthetic: AR puzzle game

Platform: Microsoft Hololens

App Development Engine: Unity

Project Length: 2 Weeks (Autumn 2017)

Team Size: 5

My Role: Game Designer; Artist


  • Designing the game mechanics, goal and level.

  • Designing and modeling the characters in the game.

  • Designing the level layout and modeling the environment and other game objects.

More Details

        Mabel is a 2-week game prototype. The goal of it is to create an AR experience with MS Hololens, in where the player is helping a character A who's afraid of character B.

        This game is about Mabel, the princess of Sagatasia, who's turned into a little deer by the evil witch. The player in the game will help Mabel sneak into the witch's castle, and get the magic potion, to turn herself back into the princess. But the potion's room is locked with dark magic, so Mabel has to collect 3 different keys to open the door. While collecting keys, she also has to be aware of the dark soldiers patrolling in the castle and avoid them!

        Here's a game Demo video of Mabel: 

Stories behind Mabel

        Mabel is my first project in ETC. As assignment #1 of the super great class BVW (Building Virtual World), I was assigned to a team with 4 other awesome teammates. We developed this game within 2 weeks. During the development, I learned a lot, not only about 3D modeling, but also about game design and team work.

        The team was formed by 2 Artists, 2 Programmers and 1 Sound Designer. All decisions about game design should be a team decision. In our first team meeting, we talked about MS Hololens, what can we do with it, what's cool about it, and what are the limitations. Considering the features of Hololens, we decided to use it's gaze and click mechanic as our main interaction.

        The gaze and click mechanic was very successful with test results, so we moved on to think of what kind of level should the game have. With the goal of the game - helping A who's afraid of B - we came up with the idea of "animal afraid of hunter". But with the time and resource we have, making a jungle with animals and hunter seemed not realistic. Also, the hunters who are real people, needed to be very intellectual as enemies, but we couldn't make it right. So we changed the perspective to "animal with a human mind, afraid of human without mind". It finally landed on the story of Mabel, which was a great story that combined our core mechanic and the game goal.

        As an artist in the team, I was in charge of all 3D arts including character modeling and environment settings. Here are some work of mine in the game:

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