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Project Info

Aesthetic: VR public speaking training tool

Platform: Oculus Rift + Touch

App Development Engine: Unity

Project Length: 4 Months (Autumn 2018)

Client: Kim Hyatt (CMU Heinz College) and David Culyba (ETC Faculty)

Team Size: 5

My Role: Technical Designer; Co-producer; UX/UI Designer


  • Leading team in concept and pre-production phase in researching and ideation.

  • Testing benchmark products and defining project direction.

  • Installing hardware in clients site.

  • Designing and prototyping sound visualization.

  • Designing the usage of sound data and visualization.

  • Helping team in producing using Scrum method.

More Details

        Re-Present is a semester-long project held at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center during Fall 2018. Our goal is to design and deliver a Virtual Reality application that help students improve their public speaking skills – in terms of Body Gesture, Eye Contact, and Vocal Delivery – through practice and reflection.

        The experience is divided into 2 distinct modes:

        The first is the Practice Mode, a recording booth in which the User practices and records his/her presentation performance.

        Once finished, the performance is then stored and replayed in the Review Mode , in which the User reviews his/her performance by re-experiencing it from the perspective of an audience.

        This is a current project I'm working on, more stories are coming up soon!

        You can also see more information on our project website: re-present

        Here's a video that walks you through more details of the project:

And don't miss our live-demo which really shows the core of this app in just 4 minutes!

Some additional images and our final testimonial are followed:

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